Maryanne was voted Australian Coach of the Year by coaches nationally for representing the superior qualities that make a great coach. Maryanne’s nominee’s referenced her generosity in supporting the growth of others, her ability to find the ‘gold’ in everyone, her inspirational & reassuring style and her spirit which has impacted hundreds of coaches nationally.
Kylie Evans, Australian Regional Manager, Results Coaching Systems

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Coaching is navigating your success through self-discovery. Operating within the ICF's (International Coach Federation) principles of coaching, Gestalt psychotherapy and neuroscience, Maryanne is able to inspire this self-discovery in individuals seeking to create a positive future for themselves and/or the organisations they work for.

Not only will Maryanne keep you accountable to ensure you reach your goals, you will also develop greater self awareness and emotional intelligence over the course of your coaching. 

The types of coaching MAP Coaching offers include: 

Personal/Life Coaching

Partner with Maryanne to tailor your own holistic personal development package that increases self-awareness and positively impacts all areas of your life. Areas of focus include health, well-being, relationships, career and finances.

Leadership/Executive Coaching

Increase self awareness and build capability as a leader or executive to positively impact relationships within the workplace for greatly enhanced results

Performance Coaching

Motivate and engage employees to utilise strengths and uncover blind spots to develop, improve and enhance workplace performance.

Team Coaching

Unite a team of individuals to work together to achieve common goals.